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Atolls in Maldives.

Here, we summarize what we thought were the best ten (free) things we enjoyed on our honeymoon in Conrad Maldives Rangali Island. If you’re interested in learning more, read our detailed trip report here.

In no particular order,

1. Free breakfast, afternoon tea, and happy hour

à la carte breakfast at Vilu.

Admittedly, this benefit is only applicable for Hilton Honors Gold and Diamond members, but if you are eligible, this can be a huge saving considering the food prices in Conrad Maldives isn’t exactly cheap.

Afternoon tea at Mandhoo restaurant.

Happy hour at Vilu.

2. Manta ray spotting

The link bridge where you can spot manta ray.

Every night, the link bridge between Rangalifinolhu Island and Rangali Island is illuminated with bright spotlights shining directly onto the ocean floor. It is an entirely magical experience to walk along the bridge under the moonlight with manta feeding off zooplankton under you.

An adorable manta ray feeding under the bridge.

3. Buggy and dhoni ride

Dhoni, a traditional Maldivian boat to transport you between the two islands.

It may not look like it, but Conrad Maldives is big. To cover all the distances, Conrad Maldives offers complimentary buggy ride to and from anywhere between the two islands, as well as dhoni service from the dock near reception on Rangalifinolhu Island to the dock near Vilu Restaurant.

4. Snorkeling + wildlife viewing

George the heron, one of the local residents where you can easily spot strolling along the beach.

One of the main reasons we chose Conrad Maldives was the proximity to a house reef that boasts hordes of reef fishes and corals. Although the corals were severely bleached, the fish population seemed to be thriving. We saw more fishes than we could name (although that didn’t mean anything since we suck at marine biology, but we promise it was plentiful). Say hello to George the heron as you leisurely stroll on the shore, or look up and spot fruit bats traversing between the islands, the land and marine wildlife spotting in Conrad Maldives can be an intriguing recreation.

Oriental garden lizard.

5. Fish feeding

Everyday around 1:30pm, the staff at Mandhoo restaurant would hurl fish food into the lagoon. Schools of reef fishes and black tip sharks swirled around competing for the offerings. If you are not a fan of snorkeling but want to see tons of fishes, make sure to arrive early at Mandhoo for prime viewing spots.

Guests were watching the feeding of aquatic lives.

6. Honeymoon dinner

Before our departure, we emailed the Conrad Maldives representative to inquire about special arrangement for our honeymoon. Conrad Maldives generously offered us a complimentary three-course dinner at Mandhoo. Because we are Hilton Honors Diamond members, we were not sure whether this perk was due to our status, but it was certainly one of the best perks we received from any luxury hotel.

7. Live music

Sometimes even in paradise, one needs to have disruption. Here comes the nightly live music right off the Rangali Bar. On clear nights you could dance off to the stars and the sound of waves calmly crashing onto the shore and ebbing back to the sea. It was a welcoming change of routine mainly consisted of snorkeling and eating.

8. Business center

The weather in Maldives is hot. While it was cool in the reception area, it was way better in the business center with all the air conditioning and ice-cold water. We didn’t really need this until the day of departure (a sad sad day indeed), and it was truly appreciated while we waited for our seaplane.

Interior of the business center.

9. Vitamin sea

The best things in life are free, and you really can’t get enough of the turquoise complexion of South Indian Sea when you are in Conrad Maldives. It is everywhere wherever you look, and no matter how much we looked and basked in the glory of the sea, we wanted more of the same.

Stunning views are always priceless.

10. Friendly staff

Yes, the hard products of Conrad Maldives are hard to beat, but the staff trumps all of the perks and benefits we received during our honeymoon. They are everything you need and want from any hotel staff, and more. We cannot recall an instance where a staff failed to live up to our expectations. They were courteous, efficient (think 10-minute wait for a buggy from anywhere in the resort), genuinely happy to serve. From what we can tell, they were wholeheartedly proud to be working in the little patch of paradise (their tagline for Conrad Maldives), and what a paradise it was.

Ms. Olga, our host’s exceptional hospitality was one of the unforgettable memories.


Or, just swing away.

Chubby on a swing.

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